Landscaper Jacksonville Florida

Posted September 21, 2021

As a landscaper Jacksonville Florida it is important to maintain a mix of tropical plants as well as plants that can with stand colder temperatures. Because we live in Zone 8B and 9A we are susceptible to cooler temperatures in the winter which can cause some tropical plants to behave more like perennials. Using too many tropical plants can leave the landscape bare in the winter making for an unattractive landscape. This backyard landscape design includes tropical perennials as well as plants cold hardy down to the twenties.

We first added a zone of irrigation to accommodate the new landscape design. Then we added 3 single trunk bottlebrush trees along the fence line, agapanthus and a sylvestris palm. These plants and trees are cold hardy. The orange bird of paradise is considered a tropical plant and would sustain leaf damage below 32 degrees. Because there are only two, this would not leave the entire landscape bare.

The back side of the pool was room for a loquat tree as well as hibiscus, a white bird of paradise and some blue daze. With the exception of the loquat tree, these are considered perennials but at different temperatures. The closed in yard and the proximity to the pool will also help keep the yard warmer and possibly protect the plants form possible cold damage. Being a landscaper Jacksonville Florida has its challenges and each are unique to the particular yard and available space as well as the particular desires of the customer.

We added a paver sidewalk from the pool deck in the backyard to the side of the driveway in the front yard. The backyard was also resodded with St. Augustine grass to complete the landscape design Jacksonville Florida.

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