Landscape Jacksonville FL

Posted February 23, 2018

Landscape Jacksonville FL (the Miracle)

Yes.  The miracle.  The landscape design you create out of pure necessity to please the customer and keep your job.  This is a tiny backyard on a slope to a townhouse (brownstone).  The owner lives in one and has a dog.  The dog needs an area to use the restroom.  She also wants to patio areas one for her and one for the neighbor, separated for privacy?  Privacy?  In this tiny space.  Uh ok. and lots of rocks, no maintenance. And did I mention the slope?  She started with a 1000.00 budget.  We quickly came to the understanding that as many years as I’ve been doing this I have never been able to pull off the entire front or backyard redesign for less than 2500.00. That in itself is a miracle and I hate discussing money.  It’s like politics. Greasy.

We Agreed on the Price

We agreed on the price and tried to figure out a way to use the old recycled pavers she wanted to use.  There was no way I was terracing her yard with that budget so we built the largest patios we could, added plants, recycled some she had, some edging a little grass and viola!  A pretty cool little backyard landscape design. Two patios separated by plants (they will get bigger), a grass area for her pets and lots of rocks for little maintenance. We love to landscape Jacksonville Florida so getting past the sticky details and into the creative aspects of our work is where we excel.  I would like to say she was completely happy but she was a little disappointed.  She was hoping to fit 10 or more people on her patio.  It’s hard to explain sometimes, even with all my capabilities, your yard just won’t accommodate all of your wants.  She plans on buying another place and renting out both townhouses.  I suggested one with a bigger backyard.

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Landscape Jacksonville Fl

Landscape Jacksonville FL

Landscape Jacksonville FL