Backyard Garden Ideas

Posted August 7, 2015

Backyard garden ideas add points of interest and turn a neglected beach hideaway into a functional space designed to fit my client’s needs.

It was clear upon arrival my new clients landscaping was in desperate need of a few backyard garden ideas. The swimming pool landscape consisted of weeds and an awkwardly placed robellini palm.  The lack of any type of sod grass made life with four dogs a dirty mess.  After several consultations with my client it became clear the condition of her new home was the product of the previous homeowners 10 years of neglect.  The home as well as the yard was in desperate need of an overhaul…

We first tackled the backyard so she could release her dogs in the back without fear of tracking in dirt and mud.  We recommended Bermuda sod grass because it will hold up best to the foot traffic of four dogs as well as establish itself as a thick, lawn grass.  She also wanted a paver sidewalk from the driveway to the pool deck when entering the home from the backyard.  Gravel and existing patio pavers were  installed around the AC/pool equipment to keep within budget.  We also added a small retaining wall and plants as a point of interest but elevated enough to keeping her small dogs out of the bed.

Along the left side gutter downspouts were creating erosion of the hill.  We installed drainage, built a series of stairs, and installed beautiful jade pebbles from Indonesia to hold the hillside and make access to the backyard easier for my client.

The front yard landscaping was in complete disarray.  Overrun with weeds overgrown plants and palms that had never been trimmed properly, kept her home hidden from the street.  Because her front yard was on a hill we decided to get rid of the planting bed in front of the retaining wall.  Washout of mulch and erosion around the stairs was exposing irrigation pipe.  New St Augustine sod grass was installed to hold the hillside and prevent further erosion.  We then trimmed all of the Sago Palms, the Canary Island Date and the Sylvestris Palms.  All other plants and weeds were removed.  Because my client moved south from New Jersey to enjoy the Florida Coast lifestle, we replaced her old shrubs with a variety of blooming tropicals as well as plants with colorful foliage to give her the beachy surfside feel she was looking for!


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Backyard garden ideas

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